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The Center for Creative Photography (CCP)

CCP is located at The University of Arizona, Tucson. Housed in its own three-story building, it contains over forty-thousand photographs of 20th and 21st Century American photographers, along with some of their writings and correspondence. In 1925 Ansel Adams donated a large collection of his prints, accepted as the Ansel Adams Archive, beginning the institution that it now is. Later, CCP was given a collection of writings and prints of William Mortensen, after his death, which resides as the William Mortensen Archive. All the collections at the Center are available for anyone interested in photography to see, by appointment.

In 2000, a friend told the Center’s archivist Amy Rule that my portraits display the Mortensen technique I had learned during a 1956 six-month study with WM. She invited me to show her my work, which CCP accepted as the Robert Balcomb Collection, including correspondence between me and Myrdith Mortensen, the beginnings of my biography of Mortensen, a camera he had given me, and later the box of Pigment notes and samples. The biography has metamorphosed into a book entitled Me and Mortensen, which I hope to publish late this summer.


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